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R.A.F. / R.C.A.F. 1932 Pattern \'Battle of Britain

RCAF Stores Ref. 22C/22, RAF Stores Ref. 22c/ *55 (actual jacket technically 22c/240). Manufactured by The Dominion Rubber Company Ltd. Size large. The fabric is in excellent condition throughout retaining good deep colour and virtually no soiling/marking. Clearly printed to the front lobes with user instructions. C/w excellent original chromed \'DOT\' zip, original buttons and tying tapes/buckles. Earlier style that was never fitted with leg tapes. Fully labelled with RAF and RCAF 22c codes and with Jan 1945 inspection date stamp. The internal rubberisation appears to be excellent. A superb, almost certainly unused example. This would be extremely difficult to upgrade and is a much cheaper option than buying one of the green versions! Stock code MW16628.