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R.A.F. 1933 Pattern Flying Gauntlets

Size 9. Stores Ref. 22c/266/271. \'Battle of Britain\' flying gauntlets. Good, though not perfect colour match. The leather is in good overall condition showing just normal use and wear. There is scuffing and abrasion particularly to the fingers of the right glove (see photos). Original brass \'Lightning\' zip on right gloves c/w leather pull tab. The left glove has its original white metal zip but the slider has been replaced from a scrapped \'33 pattern glove and is c/w leather pull tab. The linings to both gloves have average soiling and are well marked with A.M. and AID inspection marks. Unusually both gloves have the same contract details/numbers so these are a true \' matched\' pair. 1941 dated. Each glove has the owner\'s service number inked inside. He flew a full tour with Coastal Command. A decent used pair of gloves. Stock code GA164805.