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U.S.A.A.F. A10 Oxygen Mask (Early Pattern)

By The Acushnet Process. Co. Dated 10-42. Standard size. This is the first pattern A-10 with the unique and distinctive integral forehead strap running from the body of the mask between the eyes and up to the top of the head. It also had enlarged \'cheek\' pieces covering more of the wearer\'s face and providing greater protection. The rubber is very flexible and appears undamaged bar some \'lumps\' on the forehead strap and usual soiling and marking. It retains the original nosewire and the attached oxygen tube is in very good condition with no signs of cracking. The webbing harness is very clean and even the metal componants are free of tarnishing or rust. These early production masks were only made for a limited time soon being replaced by the A-10C (Converted - basically modified A-10 production masks with the unique strap removed) and later the A-10R (Revised) produced without the strap and with a smaller facepiece. This is undoubtedly one of the rarest AAF masks to find. We haven\'t had one for over 10 years. A good \'+\' used example. Stock code O16769.