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R.A.F. Issue Blood/Ghoolie Chit & Container

Single sided \'chit\' for use by British aircrews operating over Far Eastern Countries. Printed in colour on thin rayon cloth. Approx. 28 x 46 cms. Has the Union flag and wording \' Dear Friend, I am an Allied fighter. I did not come here to do any harm to you who are my friends. I only want to harm the Japanese and chase them away from this country as quckly as possible. If you will assist me, my Government will sufficiently reward you when the Japanese are driven away\'. This text is repeated in various languages including Annamite, Malay, French, Jawi, Haka, Sumatran, Thai, Kachin, Tamil, Burmese, Chinese, Bengali etc. A vital safety \'pass\' for British airmen who might find themselves in enemy occupied territory. The chit is folded/creased and has light marking. Hemmed edges rather than the \'raw\' edged type. Very good used condition overall. Comes with the very rare plastic/acetate sleeve (approx. 11 x 13 cms.) designed to hold the blood chit such that the allied flag could easily be seen. Has a black rubberized \'tongue\' with a cotton neck tape attached. This could also be attached over a service dress or battledress button. The acetate is a bit yellowed and the edge \'folds\' are warped. A very nice survival item. Stock code S16415.