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R.A.F. B-type Flying Helmet

By B Sterling & Co. Ltd. Size 2 (6 7/8 - 7). Dated 1939. The overall appearance is excellent and the leather is supple with good original finish. Both zipped earpieces are equally good, faintly A.M. stamped and have good zips c/w original leather tags. Interestingly both earpieces have had wiring loom entry \'slots\' cut into them (properly done with oversewn edges) indicating that the owner may have adapted the helmet for later \'internal\' wiring. Alternatively he may have just wired his helmet in a different way! The earpieces are padded out - one with a somewhat crusty A.M. sponge cushion, the otehr with some shaped foam. Both rigid bakelite receiver carriers are still in position. The chinstrap has some surface cracking but is reasonably good and retains the metal end piece. The backstraps are all very good. Both Bennett buckles show wear but retain all of the leather covering. Internally the chamois has just average soiling with more at the back of the neck and chamois donuts as usual. The velvet brow piece has come unstitched in parts along the front edge (easy repair if required). Small manufacturer\'s linen label in the crown. A.I.D stamped and with owner\'s name (hard to read). Unwired. Wiring, receivers, microphones and jackplugs can be supplied at extra cost if required. Overall this is a very good \'+\' to excellent used helmet with the magic date. Sterling manufactured helmets are harder to find that the more common Frank Bryan & Waddington helmets. Stock code H14129.