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R.A.F. 1941 Pattern Mae West Survival Pack

Stores ref. 22P/25. (Arctic). Issued to aircrews operating over enemy or uninhabited territory or over great expanses of water. Introduced in 1945, each pack was worn attached to the back of the 1941 pattern Mae West or parachute backpad (if a Mae West was not being worn) using lightly tacked red cotton thread. Two versions of these were produced, the Tropical and the Arctic. In the event of the crew ditching the contents supplemented the rations in the emergency packs. Made in waterproof gabardine and shaped to fit the back of the Mae West. It was also fitted with a webbing carrying handle and \'rip\' handles to the top and sides to aid removal once on the ground. Inside there are numerous pockets for survival equipment that for the arctic version included arctic fishing tackle, mosquito repellent, sun hat & mosquito net, mittens, socks, amber snow goggles, rations, heliograph, matches, compass, razor blades, knife and sewing kit, water purification tablets, a burning lens, first aid outfit and so on. Versions exist made with bright yellow material to one side (for ground/air visibility to aid rescue chances) and drab green to the reverse for camouflage purposes. This example is a light tan colour throughout, is WD and broad arrow marked with reference numbers marked and various additional stencilled markings. Condition is excellent bar light soiling and marking. Empty. Stock code MW16472.