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R.A.F. MK.7 Lifejacket

By Beaufort (Air Sea) Equipment Ltd. Stores ref. 22c/2275. Dated March 1970. Orange fabric \'waistcoat\' with various adjustable webbing straps. Pockets for CO2 inflation cylinder, SARBE rescue beacon, water activated torch, dye marker pack etc. The material is faded externally and has soiling/marking commensurate with age. Various markings stencilled to the rear. The internal (removeable) stole (bladder) is in place but is evidently perished and hardened. The life jacket retains the dye pack marker, unused lamp, distress whistle and lifeline/toggle. The SARBE beacon has been removed. The jacket also benefits from the CO2 inflation cylinder/trigger knob. The cylinder is probably still \'live\' and therefore this item is only available within the UK. This jacket belonged to an ex Shackleton aircrewman. Stock code MW16685.