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R.A.F. MK.3B Flying Helmet/Bonedome

Stores Ref. 22c/1301773 - 1301776. Size unknown. The MK.3B is a variant of the MK.2A helmet with the same avionics system but fitted with the MK.2 Anti-Glare visor (centre rail mounting) used on the MK.1A. It was intended for use in fixed wing aircraft without ejector seats but provided with oxygen equipment (for masks type \'P\' & \'Q\' plus a modified version on the \'H\'. The moulded glass fibre shell is finished in its original white paint. The internal padding is finished in beige leather with a green and blue edging. The shell is good order bar the usual small scrapes and scratches (nothing serious). Internally the helmet is good but the foam rubber backing to the padding is shedding/deteriorating quite a bit as usual. Some residue from this has spread around the lining but can be cleaned/vacuumed out with care. Fitted with standard loom and NATO plug. The tinted acrylic visor has some marking but is in good overall condition. Considerably rarer than the later 3C. Good display piece. Stock code H16508.