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R.A.F. "Taylor" Partial Pressure Helmet, Type E

Stores Ref. 22c/2093 - 2105. By Baxter Woodhouse and Taylor Limited. High altitude bonedome used in conjunction with a Partial Pressure Jerkin by Lightning pilots in the 1960s. The helmet consists of a helmet shell carrying an open pressure visor and a pressure bladder. The helmet shell is of white painted \'Durestos\' shell with additional Terylene laminates for impact protection. The pressure bladder has two compartments moulded into one integral whole, consisting of an oxygen mask and a head-enclosing bladder fasened at the rear with head straps and a vertical zip fastener. The pressure bladder is fitted with a removable pure silk liner. Twin visors - the inner visor being a pressure visor that seals to the helmet when closed. A manually operated anti-glare visor is fixed outside the pressure visor. Fitted with a built in microphone and oxygen tube port with tube attached. Fully wired with wiring loom and NATO style plug. Central frontal hinged \'mouth opening\' flap for eating, drinking, vomiting etc. The main shell is in excellent condition with only light marking and a few small chips. The rubber bladder remains very good and fully supple although it does have surface crazing in places. The silk liner is complete/undamaged (dated 3/66) and the zip fastener and rear straps are also excellent. Both visors are very good as is the oxygen tube. Overall this is a very good to excellent used example of this extremely rare helmet. See \'Jet Age Flying Helmets\', p.206. Stock code H14795.