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R.A.F. "Taylor" Partial Pressure Helmet Dummy Test
Stores Ref. 4C/2783. \'Dummy\' head for the Taylor Type E partial pressure helmet. Basically this is a large, solid, white painted plaster (?) mannequin type head attached to a circular wooden base. Overall size of the base is approx. 26cm. diameter. thehead measures approx. 35cm tall. Has two engraved plates attached - one with stores reference and the other with the address of Baxter, Woodhouse and Taylor. Handwritten in ink on the base plate is \'22c/1303174 - Red Locking Ring Left Side Only\'. This was produced by the company for use when testing the helmet. The helmet was placed onto the head and then connected to a test rig that simulates conditions in which the automatic visor release can be tested and various leakage test performed. Overall condition is reasonably good although being made of plaster there is some chipping in places. This is the only example I have ever seen. I sold it some years ago and have recently bought it back in from the same customer. Extremely rare. Being a heavy item this will be refelcted in postage costs. Stock code H14976.