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U.S. Navy M-69F Air Transport Coat

By Edmund T Church Co. Inc. Size 36. 3/4 length double breasted seal brown goatskin coat with large mouton fur collar. Part alpaca fur lined. Knitted cuffs. Retains the original belt, collar strap, twin slash pockets, hanger and label that reads \' Coats, Air Transport, BuAero - U.S. Navy, Specification M-69F, Edmund T. Church Co. Inc. Contract No. N288s 012599, 36\'. \'U.S.N.\' stencilled to the rear of the collar. Superb quality coat. Apart from a few small marks and blemishes, small nicks etc this is in extremely good condition. The lining is also good. Some moulting of the fur collar - mainly where it folds. Please note that these are sized for wear over another jacket. I am approx. 38-40\" chest and I can wear it over a sweatshirt. A very wearable jacket.