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Luftwaffe Sommerfliegerkombi

One-piece flying suit manufactured in a heavy brown/white flecked cotton commonly referred to as \'salt and pepper\'. Fitted with a long diagonal zip fastener from waist to shoulder and with zips at the sleeve and leg ends. It also features zipped leg pockets and side entry slits along with concealed elasticated inner cuffs. This is an \'intermediate\' pattern in that it has the later ring-pull emergency release cord that was introduced so that the wearer could removed the suit quickly without the need to undo any zips. However it still has the earlier horizontal fly zip. Overall condition is fairly good but there is a patch near the top of one leg zip (same material) and a few small repairs and darns. Perhaps more significant is some damage/repairs around the fly zip where there are two 5cm repairs. In addition the fly zip has been replaced (with another of the correct type) and has been covered with a \'flap\' also made of the original suit material. This is fairly crudely done and perhaps a field repair/modification. The elastic in the cuffs appears to have been replaced and the leather oxygen mask clip attachment points have been removed from the front of the suit. These could fairly easily be refabricated and replaced. All the zips are original ZIPP brand and are complete with leather puller tabs. The suit retains the original quick release ring pull and cord. All other poppers and straps appear to be in good order. No label. Despite the repairs the overall appearance of this suit is good and it would make a super display piece. Stock code S15273.