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R.A.F. MK.VA Flying Goggles/Spectcales

Stores Ref. 22c/156. Fragile lightweight wire frames with laminated glass lenses, celluloid side-shields, rolled sponge rubber noserest and anti-glare \'flipshield\'. Fitted with the short side-arms each having a female press-stud at the end. The frame is in very good condition overall with only minor paint chipping. The only damage is where one of the nosepad wires has come adrift from the main frame (see photo). Interestingly the side-arms have been deliberately shaped by the original owner. As with most pairs I\'ve seen the tinted lenses have delamination marking and the side-shields are a little warped. The rubber nose-roll is a bit discoloured but in good overall condition. Light scratches on the flipshield. Good/good \'+\' used overall. Extremely rare goggles - seldom seen. These would have been attached to a flying helmet via small press studded plates sewn in place at the temple or using a leather & sprung strap (not present). Stock code G16258.