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Air MInistry Air Diagram Training Poster - 1940

Air Diagram 1304. Approx. 76 x 100cms. Titled 'Temper Dash With Discretion'. Printed for H.M. Stationary Office by Greycaine Ltd. , Watford and London. Print code 51-6679. Dated May 1940 and marked for 'official use' only. Printed on thick paper. Shows three Dornier 215 light bombers being chased and fired at by a Spitfire. Unfortunately, all three of the Luftwaffe aircraft are firing back at the British fighter. Text below the image reads 'Temper Dash With Discretion - Don;t let you eagerness spoil a combined attack and incidentally make you a 'sitter' for the enemy'. Superb graphic image bu Leslie Carr. These types of poster were used for training pilots and would have been found in dispersal huts, ready rooms etc. Condition is not good. There are a few small edge tears to the left side and further small tears and pices missing on the lower edge. The top edge has a couple of larger tears and the right edge has even more along with larger missing sections and creasing etc. Unfortunately the previous owner decided to mend the tears with thick black 'Gaffer' tape rather than the ph neutral archive stuff I use! This may come off but I will leave it to the new owner to decide what to do. A very rare poster from just prior to the beginning of the Battle of Britain. Stock code P14253.