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U.S.A.F. Senior Pilot\'s Uniform

\'Coat, Man\'s, Wool Tropical, Blue, Shade AF 84\'. By The Superior Coat Co. Size 39R. Matching trousers by The Stein-Way Clothing Co. Inc. (W32, L31). The tunic is complete with matched Mayer pin-backed Lieutenant Colonel rank leaves, sterling marked clutch backed \'U.S\' collar dogs, clutch backed senior pilot wing and ribbons for ETO (1 star), American campaign, Victory and Army of Occupation medals. Also comes with a matching Garrison cap by \'Flight-Ace\' (6, 7/8) with fitted Lt. Col. rank badge. Finally there is a superbvisor cap by Bancroft. This has a felt covered peak complete with silver bullion clouds/lightning bolts and the hat also comes with a removeable blue nylon raincover. The whole uniform dates from the early 1960s and evidently belonged to a WW2 veteran. It is in excellent condition throughout, clean and without any damage or significant wear. Stock code U14431.