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U.S.A.F. One-Man Survival Dinghy / Life-raft

Liferaft, Inflatable, One-man, Tyep LRU-3/P, U.S. Army MIL-L-8664B(WP)\'. Manufactured by Rubber Fabricators Inc. (Contract No. DAAK01-67-C--916. Dated Dec. 1967. Approx. 1.6 x 0.9 x 0.3m max (inflated but with shields and under chambers folded). Black and orange rubber construction with a single inflatable chamber and with additional stablizing chambers beneath and roll-back proofed nylon spray-shields. Also comes with the original sea-anchor/drogue (Spec. No. MIL-A-3339A) and collapsible baler cup. Stamped with instructions for removing the inflating cylinder (not present). This dinghy is very similar to the type used in WW2 by the AAF and the K-type dinghy used by the RAF. Overall condition is very good to excellent. There is some wear to the base of the dinghy but the inflatable chamber is excellent and holds airtight for weeks. The spray shields are also completely flexible and without damage. Good quality item. Stock code M14114.