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R.A.F. P-51 Mustang III Aircraft Manual

A.P.2025G, Volume 1, provisional edition, January 1944. Mustang III Aircraft fitted with the V-1650-3 Engine. Looseleaf, card covers. Approx. 21 x 28cms. 500p plus. Comprehensive manual with a general description of the aircraft; shipment and erection procedures (dismantling/crating/uncrating etc); handling and general maintenance; major components and installations; assembly and installation of components (wing, surface controls, landing gear, brakes, wheels, hydraulics etc) ; full description of the engine, its fitting, removal and assembly etc; Also covers the fuel systems, oil systems, electrical and radio systems, gunnery equipment, bombing equipment, emergency equipment and so on. Profusely illustrated. Dog-eared and with some water (?) staining towards the back. This has clearly been used for its purpose within a workshop but is still a superb document/manual. All you need to know about the Mustang! Stock code P16200.