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R.A.F. MK.II Flying Goggles

Goggles, Flying Lightweight. Stores Ref. 22c/44. More commonly known as the MK.II. Technically an interwar pattern but still in use well into the early years of WW2 and popular with many Battle of Britain pilots. Blackened white metal frames backed with knitted brown silk having a brown fur edge trim. Clear lenses. Distinctive leather strap having two sections with cloth covered springs inside. The frame, whilst good lacks the blackened finish. The lenses are excellent with barely visible delamination marks. The knitted silk backing is good but does have a small hole (see photo) and a section where there there is a single layer hole in the double layer of knit (see photo). The fur trim is complete and very good. The main section of the strap has lost some stitching (see photo) but it is all intact and the springs, whilst stiff, appear to be undamaged. There is light surface corrosion on the adjuster buckle/slides. Good \'+\' used. Rare to find these days. Not to be confused with the many variants of MT drivers\' goggles on the market. Stock code G16345.