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R.A.F. Navigators\' Chartboard Type D

Air Ministry chartboard, type D. Stores ref. 6B/163. Board size is approx. 45 x 45cm. Manufactured in paxolin fibreboard. Fitted with a set of metal parallel movable plotting arms. Attached to the arm is a transparent perspex plotting rule and black painted brass scales for recording distance in five and ten minutes, air speed, wind speed and wind direction. Marked on the wind direction dial is \'CHARTBOARD TYPE D SERIAL NO 1696/42 REF. NO 6B/163\' and the usual King\'s Crown A.M. stamp. The board has metal plates across each corner to hold a map in place. Also fitted with a leather tabs along the lower edge. These in turn are linked to a third leather tab via a spring (unknown use). Overall condition is good +. It shows use and wear with some paint chipping to metal parts and scratching to the board that has also lost a very small corner section (see photo). Essential piece of the navigator\'s plotting kit. Price includes map shown (sheet 3, The Highlands, 1944 dated and in reasonable condition). This item is rather heavy. Stock code M16549.