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R.A.F. E*-Type Oxygen Mask

Stores Ref. 6D/473 (redesignated 6D/624). This is the later pattern variant of the E-mask complete with anti-suffocation/inspiratory valve and having an elasticated webbing harness. The rubber is in very good condition with only minor cracking around the edges of the mask - no rubber loss. The overall shape is reasonable. It appears somewhat squashed due to poor storage but the rubber is so flexible that it can be re-shaped easily - see photos. The chamois inner edging is complete and apart from some soiling is in good order. The harness is quite good but rather faded and with some loss of elasticity. The press-studded leather section is good. The mask is fitted with an excellent type 27 carbon microphone (no wiring). Good \'+\' to very good used. Helmet used for display purposes only and is not included in the sale. Stock code O15735.