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The Royal Air Force School for POWs, Stalag Luft V

P/b, 19x25cms. 16p. 1945. Prospectus for a 'barbed wire university' - catering for the educational needs of nearly 5000 men. Set up within Stalag Luft VI camp to stave off boredom but also to educate, numerous courses were established, books sent out by the Red Cross Educational Section at Oxford and examinations taken etc. This book gives a brief outline of the idea behind the school and is presented in a superb 'Illustrated manuscript' form. It lists the lecturers, courses, examination taken, a timetable of lessons given in the various barrack huts etc. Printed early in 1945 to raise funds for the Red Cross and St. John's War Organisation. A fascinating document. The cover is a bit creased and has some soiling. The front cover is split up the spine (approx. 60% detached). Good internally. Stock code P14661.