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U.S.A.A.F. AN6519-1 Life-Vest

By Firestone R & L Prod. Co. Fully marked. Dated March 1944. The material retains good colour and is quite clean. It retains flexibilty but has quite a bit of fraying around the edges and some separation of the seams in places (see photos). It retains all of its straps and the CO2 bottle holders with pull strings, screw-on covers and original (deployed) CO2 bottles. There are also two small pocket glued into position. One is empty but the other has the battery pack to one of the FAA Mae West lamps in it. This appears to be a very good fit but whether it originated with this life-vest is debatable. Both inflation tubes/valves are present and in good condition. Some surface verdigris on the strap connectors. Let down by the fraying edges but still a good display piece and would be easy to tidy up a bit. Stock code MW16869.