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R.A.F. MK.IIIA Flying Goggles

Stores ref. 22c/62. One of the classic \'Battle of Britain\' pattern goggles. The frame looks good but is rubbed on exposed edges revealing the brass beneath and both of the hinge \'stops\' are missing. All four original frame screws and both vent \'horns\' remain in place. The velvet backing is a little squashed but not dirty or rubbed. Leather nosepiece is good but partly unstitched (see photo). The lenses are original but do have marking and surface scratching - this can be improved with careful use of a fine cutting compound. The strap springs appear to be complete and undamaged as are the cloth coverings. The leather strap section has been shortened slightly on one side (see photo) but the A.M. and reference markings are still visible, though faint. Quite good used goggles. Stock code G16839.