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R.A.F. MK.IIIH Lewis Gun Camera (Boxed)

By Thornton Pickard of Altrincham. Essentially this looks like a Lewis Gun but was used to train aircrews in air-gunnery practice. Approx. 98cm in length. Instead of firing bullets, this gun used photographic film and when the trigger is cocked and fired, a picture would have been taken. The main barrel has a lens within the casing, along with a shutter which was released upon pressure of the trigger. In the centre of the gun is the rectangular film magazine housing. The cocking handle moved within a slot and when drawn back, winds the film for a fresh exposure. On the rights side of the body cover is an indicator which records the number of the exposure about to be made. The gun would have fitted into the universal gun mounting yoke. The gun can be cocked and \'fired\'. Inside the film magazine housing is a small removeable frame into which different glass screens could be fitted. The circular bullet magazine (used in this instance for show), and the ring/bead sights are not present. Marked to the wooden handle \'RAF Inspected\' & with painted serial number to side \'2695\'. This is repeated on the original manufacturer\'s wooden transit case. This is in good condition but has suffered from woodworm at some stage. These were used by the RFC during WW1 and in the very early days of the RAF. The gun camera itself is in excellent clean condition and makes a very impressive display piece. Extremely heavy. Different payment arrangements exist for this item - funds to be paid via direct bank transfer. Stock code MW/df-2