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R.A.F. B-type Flying Helmet

Size 2 (6 7/8 - 7). The overall appearance is very good and the leather is supple with good original finish. There are a few small nicks and areas of surface lifting but nothing too serious or detrimental. The leather is perhaps a little dry to the touch and would probably benefit from a light application of leather dressing. Both zipped earpieces are equally good, faintly A.M. stamped and have good zips c/w original leather tags. The receiver carriers have been removed. All straps are very good and both Bennett buckles retain the leather covering. Internally the chamois has just light soiling. The label has been removed - probably as a result of the A.M. order to help prevent German bombing of the factories that produced them. The stitch holes reveal the label to have been a large diamond shaped example, typical of the earlier helmets by Reliance, Sterling, Bednall etc. The lining retains its A.M. King\'s crown ink stamping done at the time the label was removed. Unwired. Overall this is a good \'+\' to very good used helmet. Stock code H16569.