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R.A.F. B-type Flying Helmet

By Wareings. 1938. Size 2 (6 7/8 - 7). The overall appearance is good and the leather is supple with good original finish. However, there are a few small holes - 3 on the forehead panels (largest 4x3mm) , another on the centre rear panel ( this is the biggest at 7 x8mm max.). Finally there is one under the left earpiece (3x3mm). The zipped earpieces are good/complete but show more wear and some areas of surface damage. The zips are both in good working order and retain the original leather puller tags. The helmet retains its receiver carriers. The straps are generally very good & both Bennett buckles are also good. Unfortunately the chinstrap has been cut down/shortened slightly. Internally the chamois has average soiling with more on the donuts and back of the neck as usual. The chamois also has small holes here and there, some damage to the label and the velvet forehead panel is very poor/ragged. I suspect this helmet has fallen victim to a mouse at some stage! Fully labelled/dated. Photographed with sponge rubber earpieces fitted - these are NOT included in the sale. Unwired. A decent displayable helmet despite its problems. Stock code H14005.