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WW1 R.F.C./R.N.A.S. Type Officer Rank Brown Field

Size 8. Knee length unlined chestnut brown leather boots with lacing at the instep and a small buckled strap/gusset at the top of the leg. Internal webbing \'pull\' straps and fitted with stitched leather soles. The overall appearance is good and the leather is generally good and supple. However, there is some cracking in places - notably to the left boot just behind the toe-cap (see photo). The same boot has a small split just above the laced section and both boots have tears to the gusset behind the buckled strap at the top of the leg. The soles show use and wear and appear to have had \'segs\' or some other protector/additional sole nailed on at some point. The rubber heelplates may be a more recent addition? These boots are typical of the type of field boots worn by RFC and RNAS officers and examples can be seen in period photographs and the excellent book \'British Air Forces 1914-18 (1) by the Cormack brothers. Excellent for display and rare to find. Stock code B17326.