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R.A.F. Suits Flying, MK.2/2A

Stores ref. 22c/1908. Size 5 (ht. 5\'8 - 6\', weight under 174lbs.) Medium weight light blue cotton flying suit with front zip fastener; angled zipped breast pockets; buttoned flapped lower leg pockets and map/jotter leg pockets. Zipped at the ankles and with buttoned strap adjustment at the wrists. Integral internal braces. Channels in the lower leg sections for the use of leg restraint garters. There are also modifications to the sleeves for some form of strap. The overall appearance is quite good and the suit is clean. Only let down with some holes around the crotch area (mouse damage) and the break in 2 small strap adjusters near the waistbelt (see pics).