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R.A.F. Suits Flying, MK.2/2A c/w Scarf

Stores ref. 22c/1905. Size 2 (ht. 60-64, weight greater than 146lbs.) 1960. Medium weight light blue cotton flying suit with front zip fastener; angled zipped breast pockets; buttoned flapped lower leg pockets and map/jotter leg pockets. Zipped at the ankles and with buttoned strap adjustment at the wrists (officially modified for Velcro use). Integral internal braces. The overall appearance is very good and the suit is clean except for some ink staining. There has clearly been a leak from a pen in the arm pocket and the ink has marked several sections on the suit (see photos). The only other problem is a small seam split at the crotch (very simple repair). Very unusually this suit comes with the original scarf that is normally missing. By Tuffler, this rare blue/grey towelling scarf, stores ref. 22c/1712, is in quite good used condition overall. A very nice example of this suit. Stock code S17587.