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R.A.F. Tempest/Typhoon Fighter Aircraft Sutton Har

Stores Ref. 6F/201, Type CK (all quite faint/indistinct). Webbing harness that was used to secure the pilot into the seat of his fighter aircraft. Sutton harnesses were used in many wartime and pre-war aircraft including the Spitfire & Hurricane but this pattern is more specific to the Hawker Tempest and Typhoon. Complete with adjuster straps and early quick release box in white metal, bakelite and brass (stores ref. 6F/218). Various markings and inspection stamps throughout. This example has the additional metal fittings for attaching the harness to the cockpit/airframe. These still have some of the original green paint remaining. Very good used condition bar light soiling and surface corrosion of some metal parts. Stock code M11300.