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R.A.F. H-type Oxygen Mask - WW2 Dated

Size large. Dated 4-45. (April 1945). Rare wartime dated example of this mask. The rubber facepiece is in very good clean condition and retains good overall shape although the the lower edge is curling inwards slightly. No signs of cracking, crazing or perishing - some odd 'deposits' on the mask but no damage. The pearl grey suede lining is quite clean other than some light spot marking. Fitted with a type 57 microphone assembly and a pink flecked tan loom. The type 56 microphone has minor paint loss. Both loom and plug are excellent. The harness is complete but a bit faded, soiled and with some loss of elasticity. These late war H-masks are very difficult to obtain now in any condition. Considerably rarer than a G-type mask. Very good used overall. Stock code O15087.