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R.A.F. Survival Dinghy Flare Cartridge Tin

Box No. 381 MK.1. Red painted metal tin approx. 9 x 6 x 3cms. This contained 3 red star distress flare cartidges 'Signal 1" Red MK.XII'. for use with a Very pistol. These were issued with one-man and multi-man dinghies to enable the downed airmen to attract the attention of passing aircraft or ships. The tin was manufactured by The Metal Box Co. in August 1942 and issued in 12/44 as denoted by an ink stamp to one side. The tin is a little dented and has some surface wear and corrosion. The inner card that stopped the flares from rattling is still in place. Empty. See p. 68/9 of 'Luftwaffe Vs RAF' Vol. 2 for further information. Stock code M15211.