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R.A.F.  Coverall, Air Ventilated, MK.2c

R.A.F. Coverall, Air Ventilated, MK.2c

Code: SOLD-951


By GQ Parachutes Ltd. Stores ref. 22c/1300607. Size 6 (Ht. 5'11" - 6'4", Ch. 48). 1962 dated. More commonly known as the 'Fairy' suit, the air ventilated suit was produced to afford relief from the discomfort of high cockpit temperatures by conveying moving air to the wearer's skin through a number of tubes. It is a simple one-piece 'suit' produced in nylon and fastened with tapes tied at the wearer's back. The air tubes are made of PVC and routed through nylon channels. Commencing at a large inlet tube the system divides into smaller tubes fanning out over the body. There are a total of 144 tubes in the system. Worn in conjunction with various outer flying suits including the MK.2 & 2A in the Lightning and other jet aircraft. Light soiling/marking otherwise in excellent condition throughout. These suits are now very difficult to find in any condition. Stock code S17816.