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R.A.F. 'Fighter' Control Grip

R.A.F. 'Fighter' Control Grip

Code: SOLD-782


Stores Ref. AH/2040. By CCG (Canadian Carr Foundry). This alloy AH2040, although technically suitable for the Hawker Hurricane (by ref. no.), has no provision for a brake lever and was probably intended for the T6 Havard. This aircraft having toe brakes. However, in theory an AH2040 can be fitted with the missing componants to make it suitable for aircraft such as the Hurricane & Whirlwind. Black paint finish with traces of yellow/green inside the mount/stem. Fitted with a gun button manufactured in solid brass and c/w rotating ring for 'Safe & Fire' positions. This is not a pneumatically operated system and is wired with electrical cable. Part of the 'crackle' grip covering is near complete and in good condition. The side with the firing button has been re-bound with twine and sprayed up black. I have had several grips with this type of binding - it was possibly done as electrics were notorious for
malfunctioning and wiring often had to be replaced. This whipcord wrapping was probably the best way to make sure it was accessible. Very nice condition throughout. Stock code M15181.