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R.A.F.  R Type Oxygen Mask

R.A.F. R Type Oxygen Mask

Code: SOLD-609


Size medium. Dated 4/62. Fitted with the earlier type 57 microphone and the adjustable metal 'horseshoe' harness for use with flying helmet hooks (G-helmets/bonedomes). No exhilation valve fitted. The rubber is in excellent condition with only a little cracking on the harness retaining points and around the microphone. Quite clean externally and the pearl grey chamois lining is also quite clean. The harness is very good as is the microphone, loom and socket. Similar in design to the H-1A mask in having the metal suspension mechanism but differs in having no inspiratory valve fitted in the cheek section. An excellent used example of this less common Type H variant retaining very good overall shape. With thanks fto Steen Hartov for additional information. Stock code O7639.