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R.A.F. Spectacles, Mark VI. (Polariod)

R.A.F. Spectacles, Mark VI. (Polariod)

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Stores Ref. 22c/882. Intended for use when flying over water surfaces and under severe reflected-glare conditions. They provided an excellent filter for use in submarine spotting and coastal reconnaissance. The frame is made of light green tinted moulded acetate in one piece, having two semi-circular side-shield attached with nickel plated hinges. A chamois covered sponge nosepiece is stitched to the frame and the spectacles are fitted with a simple adjustable black elastic strap. The lenses are laminated Polariod safety glass. The frame is in very good condition car a small crack from one of the holes drilled for the attachment of the nose-rest. This could even be a manufacturing fault. Either way it is not significant. The hinges are good, tight & function well. The lenses are better than most pairs but do have delamination marking at the edges. The headstrap is in good order and retains much of the original elastication. The adjustment buckle has light surface corrosion. The nosepiece is complete and shows very light wear only. Fully Air Ministry marked with reference numbers etc engraved into the sideshields. They come in the original card box of issue printed with notes to the inside of the lid and with a separate instruction leaflet. The box is worn and has juvenile scribble in places. The MK.VI series were not produced in large numbers compared to other goggles and spectacles and are now rare to find.
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