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USAAF B-6 Winter Flying Helmet, Wired

USAAF B-6 Winter Flying Helmet, Wired

Code: SOLD-1511

Size large. 1/4" shearling leather with seal brown chromed outer shell. Has hook attachments for the A-9 oxygen mask but also fitted with press studs for use with the A-10R or A-10A oxygen masks. Officially replaced by the AN-H-16 in 1943.
The leather is in very good supple condition. Complete with leather earcups sewn in place to hold the receivers. Minor scuffs to exposed seams and the leather is pulling away from the mask press studs slightly (see photos). Some verdigris of studs and mask hooks but nothing serious. The chinstrap is good and retains the shearling chinpad. Both drawstrings are in place around the face opening. Clear AAF decal to one side and a nice clear label inside. Fully wired with R-14 receivers and correct 'Y' loom with PL-54 jackplug. A really good example. Stock code H19038.