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USAAF / RAF  AN/CRT-3 'Gibson Girl' Radio

USAAF / RAF AN/CRT-3 'Gibson Girl' Radio

Code: SOLD-272


Ref : SCR-578 (identical earlier version of the AN/CRT-3). By the Pacific Division of the Bendix Aviation Corp. Emergency radio transmitter provided in multi-man dinghies. These were issued in a large bag, BG-155-A, along with two balloons. chemical hydrogen generators to inflate them, a kite to hoist the antenna wire and other related accessories including antenna wire, signal lamps and operating instructions. The set was also designed to be dropped over water by means of the parachute supplied with it. The transmitter is in excellent condition complete with cranking handle and wrench. Well marked and 1944 dated. Comes with the original bag and some of the packing pads. The bag is sound but has loss to the blanket type lining and a few holes - mainly to the rear/base. These were also used by the RAF. This item is very heavy so postage costs will be high. Stock code M16112.