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USAAF Suit, Flying, Anti-Exposure

USAAF Suit, Flying, Anti-Exposure

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Type R-1. Manufactured by The B F Goodrich Co. One size only. This is a waterproofed/airproofed orange/yellow neoprene coated nylon coverall with integral boots and hood. Fitted with drawstring closures at the wrists and neck. Issued with the
F-1 anti-exposure gloves in a zipped orange yellow carrying bag. The suit was intended for quick donning - 30 to 40 seconds with practice, by heavy bomber crews before emergency ditching at sea. It provided protection from exposure while floating in cold waters. This example is in the original bag that has full instructions to one side. The Talon zip is still good and the suit, which I have not unpacked for fear of never getting it back in, appears to be good too. A rare example of this seldom seen emergency suit.