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WW2 FAA Photograph Album - HMS Indomitable

WW2 FAA Photograph Album - HMS Indomitable

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Approx. 29 x 24cm total. Photograph album put together by a Fleet Air Arm Crewman on HMS Indomitable towards the latter part of the war when this 'Illustrious' Class aircraft carrier was part of the Pacific Fleet. Indomitable was home to 815, 1839, 1844 & 857 Squadrons operating Barracuda II, Hellcat I/II & Avenger I/II aircraft. Photos include HM Ships Indomitable, Indom and Howe along with aircraft relating to them including the Firefly, Avenger, Hellcat & Barracuda. Some really excellent air to air shots of Avengers during an attack against Palemang c. Jan 1945 and Barracudas en route to bomb Padang. Other photos show some very hairy Hellcat deck landing crashes; deck damage caused by two kamikaze aircraft hitting the Indom; images of the surrender of Hong Kong etc. 43 photos in total of varying sizes (mainly 9.5 x 12.5cm to 22 x 16cm).
Captioned throughout. The album cover is grubby and has a very poor taped repair. Super album. Stock code P14571.