From ATC To RAF & FAA, A Handbook

From ATC To RAF & FAA, A Handbook

Code: P15866


W: 11cm (4.3")H: 14cm (5.5")


'From A.T.C. To R.A.F. and Fleet Air Arm, A Handbook for A.T.C. Cadets (with Special Cockpit Illustrations)'. P/b, approximately 11 x 14cm.  By the late Commander of a Training Wing, RAF. Undated but clearly of wartime production.  Covers all aspects of the Air Training Corps including enrolment, uniforms, badges, discipline, saluting, marching and personal hygiene. Part two covers the Royal Air Force - commands, ranks, pay, air force law, medals and so on.  Part three covers 'aids to training' such as Morse code, signalling, map reading, gliding training etc.  Also has cockpit diagrams for the Typhoon, Lancaster, Mosquito and Miles trainer.  Illustrated throughout with diagrams, tables etc.  The cover is dog-eared and grubby.  Internal pages also grubby and well thumbed but perfectly legible and in reasonable overall condition.  Interesting little booklet.  Stock code P15866.