German Invasion planning documents - Ireland

German Invasion planning documents - Ireland

Code: P23194


'Militargeographische Angaben Uber Irland'.  Military geographical information about Ireland compiled as part of Unternehemen Grun (Operation Green), Nazi Germany’s planned invasion of Ireland.  Dublin had been earmarked  as one of six regional administrative centres for Britain and Ireland following the Dunkirk evacuation at a point when the Allies were facing defeat.  Fifty thousand troops were allocated for the Irish invasion, pre-empted by elite commando, motorised infantry and panzer units sent ahead from France to pave the way.  Token resistance was expected allowing the operatives to move further into the country with the aid of aerial bombing.  Ireland was of course a neutral territory during WW2 and many believed that protected them from the Nazis.  These documents show otherwise...

This green card folder contains a book of photographs with a fold out location map at the back and another containing maps/town plans, both are 1940 dated.  There is a also a series of maps providing information on strategic sites including two large 1 : 25000 scale maps of Dublin and Belfast, two road maps highlighting the most important terrain obstacles, a map giving an overview of the telephone network and the radio stations, a map of the high voltage cables and electrical power supply stations and another map showing areas of location of difficult terrain and the main economic centres.  These documents would allow the enemy to select their landing points and plan the fastest transport routes to key cities and other military relevant locations across Ireland.  Of the ten documents listed just two are missing.  The folder is a little tatty and rather stained.  All maps are folded and do have some marks, dog-eared edges/corners, minor edge tears etc and one of the booklets has a couple of loose pages and rusted staples.  A rare set of German invasion documents.  Stock code P23194.

NB Maps range in size from approximately 49 x 57cm to 110 x 75cm.