Might In Flight - Extremely rare 303rd BG history

Might In Flight - Extremely rare 303rd BG history

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Might In Flight, Daily Diary Of The Eighth Air Forces Hell's Angels 303rd Bombardment Group (H) by Harry D. Gobrecht, Lt. Col., USAF (Ret).  H/b, 22 x 28.5cm, 1993, 1st Edition.  920pp.  Published by the 303rd Bombardment Group (H) Association as a limited printing run of just 1000 copies worldwide.  This  information from their website explains the content :

'Might in Flight traces each day of the 303rd's history from its February 1942 constitution and activation, explores it's lineage and stateside pre-combat training and overseas movement to Eighth Air Force Station 107 at Molesworth, England.  Each of the Group's 364 combat missions are discussed including: 8th AF, 1st Bomb Division, Wing and Group order of battle information; formation leaders; 210 aircraft losses, 1,748 casualties with their Missing in Action status, Missing Air Crew Report and/or Evadee & Escapee numbers; Mission facts, stories and highlights; Mission commendations, honors and major awards received; Aircraft accidents.
Interspersed throughout Might in Flight are important USAAF, 8th AF and other happenings that impacted upon the 303rd's remarkable air war record.  Included are key visitors, fun and non-combat events and command changes. Briefly described is: The post war shut-down at Molesworth; July 25, 1945 inactivation with the Air Transport Command in Casablanca, North Africa; Brief reactivation as a USAF B-29 and B-52 Wing: Utilization of the Molesworth, England airfield and site as a key "Cold War" airfield and cruise missile base. The book end sheets contain full size color reproductions of the 303rd BG(H), 358th, 359th, 360th and 427th BS insignia. An extensive page number index includes: Personnel - All individuals whose names are mentioned in book events or stories, who were MIA, other casualties, who are known to have completed a full combat tour; Aircraft - All 303rd BG(H) named aircraft.  Many interesting and exciting wartime events that happened during 1942-45 at Molesworth are depicted.
The Might in Flight personnel index is not a roster of those who served with the 303rd BG(H).  It only includes the many names that are mentioned in the book.  To have listed all of the 9,000+ names of everyone who served with the 303rd BG(H) would have required a second book volume and would have doubled the retail price of the book.'

The board covers are lightly soiled, the front slightly warped.  A copy of the 'Hell's Angels Newlsetter' c. May 2000 has been pasted to the inside cover, the pages of which are partially stuck together, possibly having got damp at some stage.  The first inner page is also damaged because of this and the title page, contents, acknowledgments and preface are slightly wrinkled but perfectly readable.  With a print run of only 1000 copies this is an extremely rare book and the 3 copies found on the internet are all priced well in excess of £2000.  Grab yourself a bargain.  Stock code P24215A-286.