Salute the Soldier Croydon poster

Salute the Soldier Croydon poster

Code: BO4367


W: 49cm (19.3")H: 75cm (29.5")


Striking original wartime poster by Harold Pym, "Salute the Soldier - Croydon Week".  Paper, approximately 49 x 75cm.  Issued by the National Savings Committee, London, The Scottish Savings Committee Edinburgh and The Ulster Savings Committee, Belfast.  Printed for H.M. Stationary Office by C.W.S Ltd.   The image shows  a convoy of tanks and infantrymen with wording as above.  Minor wear but in very good '+' to excellent overall condition.

The British artist Harold Pym  studied fine art in London and produced what have been described as ‘famous morale-boosting posters' for the Ministry of Information during WW2.  Stock code BO4367.