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RCAF escape & evasion compass button - rare small size

RCAF escape & evasion compass button - rare small size

Code: E23367


Di: 1.8cm (0.7")


Royal Canadian Air Force service dress tunic button by J.R. Gaunt & Sons of London.   Developed by escape and evasion genius Christopher Clayton Hutton at MI9, this looks like a standard 18mm diameter pocket sized brass button but the back can be unscrewed to reveal a carefully concealed 0.25" compass.  This example has a reverse thread (unscrews when turned to the right).  Virtually undetectable in normal use with an incredibly fine thread these buttons really are a work of art.  The compass housed within is half the size of a standard 0.5" escape and evasion compass. The rear attachment loop on the button is slighty bent otherwise in very good used condition.  A superb rare item.  Stock code E23367.