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RAF Escape & Evasion Map - Germany

Code: E20975

Dimensions:W: 39cm (15.4")H: 32cm (12.6")


Sheet M.33/3.  Breslau, 1st Edition, 1:500 000. Europe (Air) edition.  1939 dated and Air Ministry marked.  Extremely scarce small sized single sided colour silk/rayon map from what is known as the 'Air Miniature' series.  Approximately 39 x 32cm.  Covers the German cities of Breslau & Liegnitz, the German/Polish border and areas of Poland.  Unhemmed but 'sealed' edges.  Light creasing but in excellent condition. Lovely map.  See our other smaller escape maps currently listed. Stock code E20975.

RAF Escape & Evasion Map - Germany