February News...

Thursday 5th February 2015 at 13:53

Militaria 2015

The Stoneleigh show was very successful and we enjoyed meeting up with some of our customers - long established and new alike. It has taken a while but we are finally unpacked and have managed to deal with a number of 'off-web' orders and purchasing deals.  


You may also have noticed that we've changed our home page photos.  Less obvious changes include the  addition of thumbnail photos of each item that you place in your shopping basket within the online shop. This should make it easier to check that you've ordered the correct item/s.  Finally we have made it such that when a customer completes the checkout process the status of the item ordered will change to 'Sold' (assuming the quantity available has dropped to zero).  Previously it could appear that an item was available when there was actually no stock remaining (prior to us manually changing the setting to 'Reserved' and later 'Sold').  We hope this will make things clearer when browsing through the online shop.

New Stock

We've started to sort through some boxes in preparation for adding new stock and will try to add items in all of the categories that are looking a bit depleted.  Watch this space for more information in due course.