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USAAF throat microphone extension cord, CD-318

USAAF throat microphone extension cord, CD-318

Code: H23755


Cord, CD-318.  Extension cord used with the T-30 throatmicrophone.  The microphone plug was inserted into the jack of the extension cord (JK-48).  The cord has an inline 'push to talk' switch, SW141-V, and a black PL-68 'type' jackplug for connecting with the aircraft intercom.  An adjustable leather strap was used to hang the extension cable around the airman's neck.  This is an officially modified CD-308 in that the locking 'button' on the push to talk switch has been removed.  Unused but a bit soiled as these were coated in chalk when packed.  This just needs cleaning off with a damp cloth.  With 1944 & April 1945 dates.  Very good used condition.   Stock code H23755.