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RAF / RAE Electrically Wired Clothing Plugs

RAF / RAE Electrically Wired Clothing Plugs

Code: M19850


Stores ref. 5C/455, 5C/457.  Two pin plugs and sockets used on RAF/ RAE (Royal Aircraft Establishment) electrically wired flying clothing. The plugs are Air Ministry King's crown marked and have the additional stainless steel metal plates, stores ref. 5c/1583, used to sew the plug to the relevant garment.  This type of plug can be seen on the RAE 'Irvin' gloves and ankle boots, RAF 1941 pattern Sidcot suits etc.  Sold as a pair, plug and socket.  

Some storage soiling but in excellent condition.  We have a small quantity available.  Priced per pair (one plug, one socket).  Stock code M19880.