'Let's draw straws for your Schwimmweste skipper....'

Tuesday 12th August 2014 at 16:58

Evening chaps....  We thought it was about time we added some new kit to the website so we've spent the last week or so behind the scenes doing just that.  So, the next 'Op' is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday 13th August 2014 at approximately 0930hrs (BST).  There will be about 40 items in total and these should be visible within the 'latest items' section of the site, their relevant categories and the 'show us everything' category too. Prices for all pockets from a few pounds to a couple of thousand.

Should you decide to order anything please remember that your chosen item is not 'bagged' until you complete checkout (online or offline payment). Once you have done this it cannot be purchased by anyone else although will not be marked as reserved or sold immediately.

Tally ho...

David & Team